Quality and responsibility are main priorities of our work!

«The Institute of Complex Design and City Planning» is engaged in design of objects of engineering infrastructure, as well as objects of capital construction. The structure of the company includes four departments, three of which are linear and one is capital construction. The staff of institute numbers more than 40 people of various design specialties: architects, designers, technologists, researchers, designers of engineering networks, quantity surveyors and other experts. We are ready for complex working out the details of the project of living space, civil, industrial purpose of any level of complexity.

We are constantly developing and improving the quality of carried-out projects owing to our high responsibility towards the customer, availability of all experts in staff, mobility in the process of making solutions of arising questions. We respect our customers, their work and we take care of making the most effective design decisions.

Advanced technologies

We use only license software of the leading software companies (Adobe, Autodesk, to Microsoft, etc.). Each employee of our organization is provided with a comfortable workplace and the modern equipment.

Modern structure organization

Our organization is using the Team (cross-functional) management structure. This structure of management is based on the organizational management in the working groups.

  • autonomous work of the working groups;
  • independent decision-making by the working groups and horizontal coordination of activity;
  • replacement of rigid administrative communications of bureaucratic type with flexible communications;
  • attraction staff of different divisions for task development and solution making.

These principles destroy the rigid distribution of employees peculiar to hierarchical structures on production, technical, economic and administrative services which form isolated systems with their own purposes and interests.

This form of organizational structure is particularly the most effective in combination with project management. It is one of the types of organizational structures where modern philosophical ideas of quality are most effectively embodied. Moreover this structure allows to reduce time for projecting.

1. Group of architects

The architecture is an art of creation of an aspect of the construction. Our group of architects consists of professionally qualified personnel. It is formed by architectural and design departments. The task of group is to design constructions meeting customer's requirements and taking into account modern standards.

This group is carrying out:

  • Exploratory design, development and registration of the architectural section of project documentation;
  • Individual space-planning conceptions;
  • 3D visualization;
  • Design projects;
  • Contractor design.

2. Group of designers

The design engineer is an expert, whose activity consists in development of constructive part of buildings and constructions projects. In other words our department is responsible for structural strength and durability of designed projects. Our team is stuffed by highly qualified and competent specialists. We own skills of modern methods of design calculation, culture of registration of technical documentation, experience of realization of large objects in undertime.

Departmental tasks are:

  • Development of draft designs, engineering and working drafts of all levels of complexity: from exceptional complexity, to difficult ones and tasks of average complexity of constructions, using computer design aids and the best practices of foreign colleagues;
  • Provision and compliance of developed constructive decisions with specifications, standards, norms of labor protection and safety engineering, as well as with requirements of the most economical method of production;
  • Use of the standardized and unified decisions;
  • Carrying out engineering calculations and estimations for projects;
  • Economic justification of made decisions;
  • Coordination of developing projects by internal divisions of the organization, representatives of customers and supervision bodies.

3. Group of design engineers of gas supply systems

Group of design engineers of gas supply systems specializes in design of gas networks and objects of gas supply of any scale and complexity level. Quality of work of department of gas supply is provided with the qualified experts, with observance of legal requirements, usage of modern computer technologies and software solutions, and also with efficient system of cooperation with the government institutions regulating these types of works.

The task of group is to accept the least expensive and most effective technical solutions in the field of design of networks of gas supply taking into account wishes of the customer.

This group is carrying out:

  • Obtaining initial and building permitions (specifications, technical estimations, acts of a route location, approvals and permissions);
  • Development of project and working documentation on construction of internal and external networks of gas supply;
  • Coordination of project documentation with engineering services, executive authorities, maintenance when carrying out state examination.

4. Estimate group

We carry out estimating documents using various methods of costestimation, depending on the requirements of the customer: resource, resource and index, basic and index methods or using object analogues. Estimates are developed both on linear objects, and on objects of capital construction according to current legislation acts and normative documents of the Russian Federation, taking into account estimating requirements in construction and estimates on production of design and exploration work. All estimate documentation is issued on the basis of the software system "GrandSmeta".

5. Water supply and water disposal system designing group

The group of designing systems of water supply and water disposal has experience in designing the rain sewerage, drainage systems, and networks of the household sewerage. We provide a full package of project documentation on construction and reconstruction of engineering networks of water supply (including fireproof). We carry out hydraulic, strength calculations of pipelines, calculations of various processing equipment (local treatment facilities, pumping stations, etc.), as well as technical and economic calculations.

6. Group of land-surveyors

This group is providing main types of geodetic works:

1) Engineering and geodetic researches

Complex of geodetic works on studying and situation and relief shootings in the territory of alleged construction includes:

  • collecting and processing of materials of previous engineering researches, topographic, geodesic and other materials and data;
  • creation of compilation survey;
  • topographic surveying (a complex of the works which are carried out for the purpose of obtaining the field survey original of a topographic map or the plan, and also obtaining topographical information in other form. The final product of topographic surveying is topographical site plan. Topographic surveying is carried out in scales 1:1000; 1:500; 1:200; 1:100;
  • creation of large-scale plans for the photographed area;
  • updating of topographical plans (engineering and topographical plans) in graphic, digital and other forms;
  • the technical report on the carried-out engineering and geodetic researches, topographical site plans in scales 1:1000; 1:500; 1:200; 1:100.

2) Creation of geodetic networks

Creation, reconstruction, extension of control points of planned and altimetric geodetic networks.

3) Geodetic marking works

Marking works consist of creation of a geodetic marking basis, carrying out in nature of the main axes of buildings, communication and project marks, the detailed marking works performed at different stages of construction from excavation of a ditch to installation of processing equipment.

7. Group of power supply

Designing of systems of power supply is a basis of all systems and communications of housing estates and production objects. Our group will provide competently developed project on providing with power supply of various complexes and the enterprises. Our group is engaged at high level in design of systems of power supply of housing estates and various production objects. All projects are created according to Planning and Economics standards, with the only purpose of providing our clients high quality system of power supply. Projects are carried out with calculated and graphic part. We are applying the individual approach to each object considering specifics of object and wishes of our Customers.

The group performs project works on sections of engineering networks and systems:

  • Design of internal engineering networks;
  • Design of networks of power supply;
  • Design of networks of an electric lighting;
  • Design of networks of the power equipment;
  • Design of local area network (design of a LAN);
  • Design of the structured cable systems (SCS design);
  • Design of optical networks (fiber-optic communication line design);

8. Group of geologists

The group of geologists carries out complex geotechnical researches. Geotechnical researches provide complex studying of geotechnical conditions of the area (a platform, a site, a route) projected construction, including a relief, a geological structure, geomorphological and hydrogeological conditions, structure, condition and properties of soil, geological and geotechnical processes, change of conditions of the built-up territories, drawing up the forecast of possible changes of geotechnical conditions in the area of interaction of designed projects with the geological environment for the purpose of receiving necessary and sufficient materials for design, construction and operation of the objects. Laboratory researches of soil are carried out in order to define their structure, conditions, physical, mechanical and chemical properties for allocation of classes, groups, subgroups, types and versions. It is done also for detection of their normative and estimated characteristics, identification of the degree of uniformity (consistency) of soil on the area and depth, allocations of geotechnical elements, the forecast of change of a state and properties of soil in the process of construction and operation of objects.

Geotechnical researches include:

  • Drilling of geotechnical wells, test holes, in order to define a geological section, levels of ground waters, and also to select monoliths of soil and water tests for laboratory researches;
  • Laboratory works for determination of physical, physicomechanical, corrosion properties of soil and a chemical composition of water;
  • Office study of results of field and laboratory works, drawing up the Technical conclusion about geotechnical conditions of a platform of construction.

Our experts can competently analyze the results of laboratory researches and prepare the report.

9. Ecological group

The group of environmental engineers is engaged in working on prevention of all possible production influence to the environment. There are several measures like: cleaning of drains, emissions in the atmosphere, radiations. This group makes calculation of ecological efficiency of the or already built object or one under construction, creation of the plan for reduction of negative impact on environment.

The group develops design documentation:

  • EIA – "Environmental impact assessment";
  • "List of measures for environmental protection";
  • "Environmental protection";
  • "A sanitary protection zone";
  • Draft Waste Generation Standards and Waste Disposal Limits";
  • Limiting permissible blowout";
  • "Norms of acceptable emissions and discharges".

10. Group of a heat supply and ventilation

Tasks of group are:

  • Carrying out engineering researches and inspections, drawing up engineering and economic justifications for projecting and construction of objects, production of construction materials, products and designs, machines, the equipment and technological complexes;
  • Implementation of collecting, processing, analysis and systematization of scientific and technical information;
  • Carrying-out of technical development, design working technical documentation;
  • Participation in introduction of the developed decisions and projects, in implementation of field supervision during production, construction, installation, adjustment, tests and commissioning of the designed products, objects, engineering systems and constructions;
  • Preparation of basic data for drawing up plans, programs, projects, estimates, requests.

Specialists of group:

  • use modern methods of design, including use of CAD system, that proves effective design development, skills of carrying out the qualified calculations of elements and the equipment of systems of heat-gas supply, ventilation and protection of the urban-industrial environment and high-quality registration of technical solutions on drawings;
  • use economic and mathematical methods and computer facilities when performing engineering and economic calculations and in production management;
  • use mathematical modeling, elements of application mathematic software CAD in the solution of design and production tasks;
  • use technique of test and adjustments of systems of a micro-climate in buildings and constructions of different function and installations on protection of the urban-industrial environment from technological and ventilating pollution;
  • use state of environment checkers;
  • use basic provisions of production programs and plan targets, analysis of their implementation;
  • use skills of the organization of production and effective work of personnel on the basis of progressive methods of management, control of technological and labor discipline during production;
  • use skills of using mathematical models, GIS and CAD in the design solution and production tasks of heat supply, gas supply and ventilation;
  • use approaches to an assessment of an ecological situation and making decisions for its improvement and elimination of consequences;
  • use approaches to development architectural, planning and specifications on a heat supply, gas supply and ventilation taking into account ecological requirements and activity safety requirements;
  • use control methods in technology of implementation of repair construction works and the maintaining of objects on a heat supply, gas supply and ventilation;
  • use methods of development of production programs and plan targets and analysis of their performance.

11. Linear department

This is a department of automation, communication and electrotechnical design that consists of group of experts who are engaged in design of linear objects in the communication and power supply field. The main objective of department consists in preparation of project and working documentation on objects of power supply (cable and air-lines of power supply of various tension), communication networks, lighting according to current normative documents and rules. The department is engaged in development of all technical solutions concerning the object, trace, selection of the necessary equipment, collecting basic data, and project coordination.

12. Surveying engineer

The experts who have successfully passed examination for competence, imposed to cadastral engineers, and received the corresponding qualification certificate are working in this department.

Types of works:

  • Registration of initial and allowing documentation for building of linear objects;
  • Development of schemes of an arrangement of the land plots on cadastral maps of the relevant territories;
  • Implementation of different types of cadastral works (formation, division, apportionment, redistribution, association), preparation of documentation package for the registration in the state cadastre and registration title for real assets;
  • Establishment of security zones in objects of engineering infrastructure, elaboration of maps and plans of objects of land management.

13. Fire safety engineer

The fire safety engineer is engaged in development of the special section of project documentation for "fire safety measures". For each carried-out object of capital construction or linear object this engineer selects necessary actions for ensuring fire safety is carried out, the evacuation scheme is developed, the necessary fire equipment is selected and placed, the way of fire extinguishing is checked and described, all material used in the project is checked for fire resistance, etc., according to current normative act.