Range of services

Preproject work

Collection and preparation of initial data, performing calculations on the object, which are necessary for making a technical design assignment as well as the calculation of the estimated value of the counterparts objects.

Collection and preparation of initial data for designing

Sending the request and receiving the necessary technical conditions, certificates and reports. Preparation of the graphical part to the urban development plan and the act of route selection, coordination.

Engineering research

Implementation of the engineering research required for the project, such as the engineering-geodesic, engineering-geological, hydro-meteorological, hydrological.

Design estimates and working documentation

Implementation of all sections of design estimates according to 87 Government Decree, obtaining the necessary technical specifications. Execution of working documentation, obtaining the necessary approvals.

Obtaining the necessary technical conditions and documentation approval

Documentation analysis, obtaining the necessary technical conditions, adjustment of documentation by perforce for compliance with specifications, coordination.

Passage and support of public examination

Sending of a complete set of design estimates to the expert examination, elimination of remarks, obtaining a positive conclusion.